Match 14: Staaken vs Tebe

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Match 14: Staaken vs Tebe

Beitragvon Doughnut Boy Andy » 08.11.11 19:04

This Sunday TeBe play away in Falkensee-Ost Staaken hoping to make this three impressive wins in a row. Self-confidence seems to be back, the ball is going in the net and the fans have given up giving up hope for the umpteenth time in the last three or four seasons.

The game starts at 2pm at the pitch "Am kurzen Weg". Some TeBe fans will be attending the match of the second team beforehand against Türkiyemspor (kick off 11.30) at Züllichauer Str (U-Bhf Südstern) and then leave together from there. Those wishing to head straight to the main event should aim to be around Rathaus Falkensee-Ost bus stops for about quarter past one and catch the M32 to Staaken, direction Heidebergplan (I think).

Sunday is also Remembrance Sunday across the commonwealth and St George's church near S Heerstrasse/ U NeuWestend are (according to their calendar) having a service that morning as part of the commemorations. A report I read from last year suggests they have a military band and everything, plus the services are always in English. I will go to that and then head for the game with enough time for a pre-match beer or two. If anyone is interested then let me know and we could maybe meet at the station and wander down together. Otherwise I will meet you all in Falkensee-Ost for the bus or in Staaken at the match.
Doughnut Boy Andy

Re: Match 14: Staaken vs Tebe

Beitragvon Doughnut Boy Andy » 09.11.11 16:32

The Prime Minister called for FIFA to reverse the "absurd" decision that is stopping the team having the remembrance symbol embroidered on their shirts for this Saturday's friendly against Spain at Wembley.

He stepped in amid growing fury after it emerged that officials turned down the special request, made by the Football Association, claiming it would "open the door to similar initiatives" across the world.

Mr Cameron said: "This seems outrageous. The idea that wearing a poppy to remember those who have given their lives for our freedom is a political act is absurd.

"Wearing a poppy is an act of huge respect and national pride.

"I hope FIFA will reconsider."


Doughnut Boy Andy

Re: Match 14: Staaken vs Tebe

Beitragvon Doughnut Boy Andy » 09.11.11 20:21

ENGLAND soccer stars WILL wear poppies at Saturday's clash with Spain — after Prince William led a last ditch bid to overturn a crazy FIFA ban.
A deal to allow players to wear the remembrance symbol on black armbands was thrashed out this afternoon.

It came just hours after a "livid" Duke of Cambridge — president of the Football Association — wrote to Sepp Blatter demanding a U-turn.

The angry prince, 29, blasted stubborn soccer fatcats' "outrageous" block on the Three Lions having the famous scarlet emblem embroidered on their white shirts.

Best newspaper in the world.
Doughnut Boy Andy

Re: Match 14: Staaken vs Tebe

Beitragvon Bierverteiler » 09.11.11 20:30

the sun says, the sun says were gonna look after you
the sun says, the sun says so it must be true....
S'ils n'ont plus de pain, qu'ils mangent de la brioche --- Marie Antoinette (aka Madame Veto)
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Re: Match 14: Staaken vs Tebe

Beitragvon Pentii » 10.11.11 22:37

Wishing you all a fun time in Falkensee-Ost. Swedish Klubb Massjukskrivning (all 3 of us) is gearing up for the match against Burgund next Saturday. Will hopefully be echt sauber.

Re: Match 14: Staaken vs Tebe

Beitragvon Denis » 11.11.11 00:42

"In den letzten Jahren gab es sehr viele Sponsoren die sich wg. der Rothersgruppierungen von Verein wieder abgewendet haben."
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