RIP Gary Speed

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RIP Gary Speed

Beitragvon Doughnut Boy Andy » 28.11.11 09:29

Thousands of fans burst into spontaneous applause during a minute’s silence in Speed’s honour when Welsh club Swansea City played Aston Villa in a Premier League game at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium not long after the news of his death was announced, and thousands more paid their respects on Twitter and other social websites.

A minute’s silence was held at Anfield following the recent death from leukaemia of Liverpool goalkeeper Brad Jones’s five-year-old son Luca, as well as to mark Speed’s death.

Former Wales team mate Ryan Giggs said: “I am totally devastated. Gary Speed was one of the nicest men in football and someone I am honoured to call a team mate and friend.

“Words cannot begin to describe how sad I feel at hearing this awful news. It goes without saying my thoughts are with his family at this tremendously sad time.”

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Doughnut Boy Andy

Re: RIP Gary Speed

Beitragvon Belfast Lila-Weisser » 28.11.11 11:58

Everyone I've spoken to is just shocked. The impressions from everyone I've heard and seen on radio and TV in the last 24 hours is of a gentleman and a great professional.

I watched him live on BBC1's Football Focus on Saturday, and he seemed on top form. It's just hard to believe. The mind really is a dark place.

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