13.1.13 Super Sunday

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13.1.13 Super Sunday

Beitragvon Doughnut Boy Andy » 05.01.13 12:13

Where? Herthaner-Fankneipe - Weserstraße 210, 12047 Berlin, Germany
When? 13.1.13 from 2pm

Really bored by the winter break yet? Luckily the first Super Sunday of the year has some big matches for all:

14:30 Manchester United vs Liverpool
17:00 Arsenal vs Manchester City.

Although we usually watch in Belushis, this time we have been invited along to the friendly Herthaner Fankneipe in New Collogne. A 0,33 bottle of Schultheiss costs just 1.20 and if you say "Super Sunday" when ordering your first one then you get a free shot to complete the package. There is also beer on tap and the prices are all better than reasonable.

Wearing the jersey of any of the the four teams may also get you a free shot (depending on how large the DAWB budget is) and there is the chance to play some darts and chat with other fans. Although non-Hertha fans could be shocked by the exterior, the pub is a real gem and the staff and drinkers welcoming and fair.

So maybe you like Arsenal, United, Liverpool, City, maybe you don't care either way and just love cheap beer and TeBe, feel free to join us on Sunday for some quality Premier League football and have a drink and a chat with other friendly fans.

Doughnut Boy Andy

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