Nottingham United Tour 2013

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Nottingham United Tour 2013

Beitragvon Doughnut Boy Andy » 24.03.13 16:53

This summer Nottingham United returns to Berlin for their 2nd Germany tour following the hugely successful tour of 2012 that gave everyone such amazing experiences and memories. The tour will officially start on the 13th of July and finish on the 20th. We shall be playing five 11-a-side fixtures against semi-pro and pro football clubs from the German National League System.

Homepage: ... ge1124.htm

Fixture Dates Confirmed So Far:
Saturday 13th: SV EMPOR BERLIN - 7pm ko.
Sunday 14th:
Monday 15th
Tuesday 16th:
Wednesday 17th: FC Nordsachsen BERLIN - Ko to be announced
Thursday 18th:
Friday 19th:
Doughnut Boy Andy

Re: Nottingham United Tour 2013

Beitragvon jimmyconnors » 24.03.13 18:57

unfortunately, yet there's no fixture I will attend.
ich glaube ich brauche dir nichts erklären was ultra heißt ich gehe schon zum fussball da warst du noch auf der seerose
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