Dirty Asses

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Dirty Asses

Beitragvon ping-pong-alex » 03.08.14 22:31

I do not belong to your group - but I like you (most of you...), I saw your new logo on the facebookpage

https://www.facebook.com/TEBEDAWB ... =1&theater

of course; it`s not my business to ask after the reason for a new logo

but - your new one is quite similar to the actual Bowlingkugelverein - logo


are you sure ?
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Re: Dirty Asses

Beitragvon Bierverteiler » 03.08.14 23:24

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Re: Dirty Asses

Beitragvon Endi » 04.08.14 13:23

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Dirty Asses

Beitragvon QBA » 04.08.14 13:31

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Re: Dirty Asses

Beitragvon tomborussiaberlin » 04.08.14 16:35

I can confirm that it is based on the Bowlingkugelverein badge.... little bit of tongue in cheek humour from "our designer" and hopefully something we don't later regret when playing against Bowlingkugelverein II later in the year.
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