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Beitragvon sanktpaulee » 01.04.05 12:32

Sanktpaulee hat geschrieben:The Visiting Shaker is Craig (06-02-02 on the English board).
We'll try and sort out a few bits for your clubheim and hand them over at our game v Erna (A) in June. We magaed to do quite a few more games after leaving Berlin.
H$V (A) v Scheißunion
FC Elmshorn v SV Eidelstedt.
FC St Pauli v SC Paderborn
SC Victoria v Hannover (A)
TSV Sasel v SC Condor
Meiendorfer SV v BV Cloppenburg
Arminia Bielefeld (A) v FC St Pauli
Preussen Muenster v Erna (A)

I Came home Sunday evening for a rest! See you in June.

Re: Brits in fanblock

Beitragvon mr. bungle » 18.10.12 23:38

Two articles about the "No Dice"-publishers' passion for Berlin football, with some tiny bits of TeBe:

Brandnew (TeBe only shortly mentioned among others), Tagesspiegel: ... 71504.html

One month ago (with some more TeBe), Deutsche Welle: ... 16235153-1

Both in German, but as the thread is in English, I've moved it into this section. Maybe some of our new generation of Brits in fanblock gonna show up here?
Wir sind 1,3 Millionen hier.
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