"The Yid Army must fight on"

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"The Yid Army must fight on"

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"Yet anyone who attends a Spurs match will know right away that the Yid chants have nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Spurs have long had a large Jewish fanbase, and fans, both Jewish and gentile, have embraced the labels ‘Yid’ and ‘Yid Army’ as an act of solidarity, defiance and collective pride.

That’s what makes Spurs’ decision to drop the term so wrong. It does not target racist fans. It targets those who have proudly used ‘Yid’ as a badge of honour for decades.

This attempt to deprive fans of their own tradition is bad enough. But what is really tragic about banning the word Yid is that it indirectly empowers the real anti-Semites. The decision effectively says that those who use the word Yid to express hatred towards Jewish people get to define the meaning of the word. Essentially, those who use ‘Yid’ as a form of positive self-identification lose out, and the anti-Semites win.

Besides, anti-Semites do not need to use ‘Yid’ to communicate their hatred towards Jews. Their use of the word ‘Jew’ is sufficient for that."
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Re: "The Yid Army must fight on"

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Thanks a lot, Andy!
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