Liverpool, lies and France’s shame

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Liverpool, lies and France’s shame

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There is ample evidence that the pigs attacked supporters with batons and tear gas but stood by doing nothing while la racaille, tooled up with machetes and knives, robbed those fans who, in the ambit of that stadium, are quarry. Pigs the world over have a compromised relationship with criminals: “Every cop is a criminal” — Lallement and Darmanin prove The Stones’ point in “Sympathy for the Devil”.

But getting rid of that noisome pair will not — pace the ubiquitous Jean-Luc Mélenchon, la racaille’s apologist with a megaphone — alleviate the fundamental error that afflicts the Stade de France. Nor will little Éric Zemmour’s umpteenth tirade against immigrants, lawlessness and communitarianism.

None of these or scores of other parties with an opinion about what is absurdly styled “France’s shame” seems capable of appreciating that the problem is equally historic and urbanistic. It derives from a three-decade-old failure of strategic planning.

Simply, the stadium ought not to be where it is. It is located only 8km from Place de la Concorde. It was built for the 1998 World Cup. Five potential sites had been considered. The others, situated in satellite new towns, were deemed too far from central Paris — though the 35 km to Marne La-Vallée has not thwarted Disneyland’s success. Distance rather than appropriate surroundings determined the site. However, the sporting bodies, politicians, architects and engineers forgot in their enthusiasm to meet the neighbours.
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